Alberta Epilepsy Education Webinars


Welcome to the Alberta Epilepsy Education Webinars website! This is a collaborative, provincial project, between the Epilepsy Association of Calgary, EAC, and the Edmonton Epilepsy Association, EEA.

This website offers everyone a wealth of educational resources to learn about epilepsy, a brain condition that impacts over 300,000 Canadians.  

The site is divided into current sessions, offered during the current year, past sessions, where you will find information from recorded webinars, resources shared and any other useful information about a specific epilepsy-related topic. In the upcoming sessions section, you will have a chance to share with us topics of interest, or questions that can guide our agencies to coordinate new webinars in the near future. 

Through the about us page you will learn about the EAC and the EEA, and how our collaboration work has brought us to create this educational resource. Active sessions contain a direct link to registering to our webinars.

Through the sponsors page you will learn about our sponsors and how to become a sponsor. 

We hope you will find this resource useful and interactive.