Alberta Epilepsy Education Webinars


This website is the result of a collaborative project between the Epilepsy Association of Calgary, EAC, and the Edmonton Epilepsy Association. 

Between January and June 2021, the the EAC and the EEA  joined resources, skill sets and ideas to offer a series of free educational webinars, combining their respective needs from members and the general public, about specific topics of interest about epilepsy.

While the process evolved in a very organic way, with the goal of providing high quality, credible workshop presentations that added value to participants as well as presenters, the series proved to be very successful, connecting Albertans and Canadians with specialists and a variety of presenters in discussions about epilepsy, during pandemic times. The use of the Zoom Webinar platform was a success, and the convenience, ease and outreach of this technology seems the most logical way to build on this initial effort and continue on with the collaboration. Our webinars distinguish themselves for the way in which they are delivered, including a high level of interactivity with participants, offering direct resources to the most recent research and conversations about a given topic and engaging with high calibre presenters , to offer valuable discussions about epilepsy, with a focus on Alberta.

To learn more about each regional agency we invite you to visit our respective website.