This is the full presentation recording, about the ketogenic diet, as expertly introduced by our panelists, Dr. Appendino and Christine Williams-Dyjur. This recording of just over 46 minutes.


This webinar focuses on paediatric solutions and considerations of the ketogenic diet, as options for epilepsy seizure treatments.

Our experts, Dr Appendino, and Christine-Williams Dyjur, will guide us through a basic understanding of the keto diet, what processes impact the brain and how these can assist young epilepsy patients, in managing their seizures. Additional information about ketogenic diet solutions for adults living with epilepsy will also be discussed.  The session panelists include:


These are the resources and latest links we have searched and reviewed in preparation for this session. Feel free to review the information for yourself. 

  • MATTHEW’S FRIENDS CANADA – the Canadian chapter of this agency whose mission is to support people who who are requiring the ketogenic diet therapy for epilepsy and other neurological disorders. 
  • KETOGENIC DIET – a link to the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance page to the ketogenic diet, with resources and links.
  • MANAGEMENT OF EPILEPSY – DIETARY THERAPIES – A link to the article by the Canadian League Against Epilepsy.
  • CANADIAN KETO-HOSPITALS DIRECTORY – a link to the centres that offer specialized solutions in ketogenic diets for epilepsy in Canada. While contact information may not be updated, the centres are still operating and can be contacted directly for more information.
  • CHARLIE FOUNDATION OF CANADA – The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies was founded in 1994 to provide information about diet therapies for people with epilepsy, other neurological disorders and select cancers. 

In this short video you can review the summary of the history of the ketogenic diet, as presented by Dr. Appendino. The video is almost 4-minutes long.

In this short presentation, we are reminded of the safety and adverse side effects of the ketogenic diet. This video is about 7-minutes long.

A brief overview of what the ketogenic diet entails, from the perspective of a person living with epilepsy. Learn the fundamentals about this diet regime and its key elements. The video is about 9-minutes long. 

A brief overview of how the ketogenic diet works in the treatment of seizures from epilepsy. The video is about 11-minutes long.

Type of ketogenic diet, explained from a balance of nutrients to real life examples and very powerful visuals. This video is about 9-minutes long.