Sareh Miranzadeh Mahabadi

She completed her medical degree in Iran and subsequently moved to Canada in September 2017 to pursue her master’s program in the health science department at the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently a PhD candidate in the same department, focusing my research on the use of telehealth by patients with epilepsy. During her master’s program, she conducted a comprehensive study titled “Internalized Stigma in People with Epilepsy in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.” This pioneering research aimed to evaluate the internalized stigma experienced by Canadian individuals with epilepsy, utilizing the Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness (ISMI) scale for the first time in this context. This project significantly expanded our understanding of the nuanced factors influencing the experiences of individuals with epilepsy, thereby contributing to the broader body of knowledge in this field.

Following her research she published two articles related to epilepsy, respectively in the Seizure – European Journal of Epilepsy and in the Neurology journal.

She is also proud to have contributed a chapter to the book ‘Epilepsy: A Comprehensive Textbook,’ focusing on the adverse effects of epilepsy surgery. In this chapter, she delved into the complexities and challenges surrounding the potential adverse outcomes of epilepsy surgery, providing valuable insights into this critical aspect of epilepsy treatment.