Shayda Nanji, Registered Professional Counsellor, EFT Practitioner

Shayda started her professional career as a pharmacist and was a pharmacy business owner for 35 years. During her time as a pharmacist, she recognized that her customers loved to come and chat away and would talk about their worries, fears, concerns regarding their health, family issues, challenges of parenting, grand parenting and much more. This was their “therapy time” since they were not getting any formal counselling along with the pharmacotherapy.

It occurred to her that psychotherapy was a branch of medicine that was very much needed, and this was the impetus for her to become a mental health counsellor after she sold her pharmacy.

She is now a Registered Professional Counsellor, and Accredited EFT Advance Practitioner and most recently a Certified Grief Educator. Her therapy sessions are focused on EFT Tapping and she is here to tell us more about her go to modality.