2023-2024 WEBINARS  

Click on the image to access the page of each session, and learn about the topic and our presenters. Click on the “REGISTER NOW” link to register for the live presentation, on Zoom.  

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 –  EPILEPSY AND SAFETY Join us for a conversation about epilepsy safety in all aspects of life



OCTOBER 19, 2023 – EPILEPSY AND MENTAL HEALTH. A conversation about challenges and resources for mental health for people with epilepsy.  REGISTER HERE


JANUARY 18, 2024 – RISK FACTORS IN EPILEPSY.  Considerations about SUDEP and other risk factors, and sharing of strategies to lower risks in living with epilepsy. REGISTER HERE


MARCH 21, 2024 – EPILEPSY THERAPIES – TRIED AND NEW. An overview of common epilepsy therapeutic approaches and new frontiers in anti-seizure treatments. REGISTER HERE


MAY 16, 2024 – LOWERING THE STIGMA – EPILEPSY AND CULTURE.  A discussion about seizure stigma and cultural barriers to supporting and empowering people who live with epilepsy. REGISTER HERE