Erin Crosby,  Client Services Manager,  Prospect Human Services

Erin Crosby is the Client Services Manager at Prospect Human Services. Erin has more than 12 years’ experience in Employment and Disability Services, and is known for being an enthusiastic leader with a high level of integrity and compassion. Able to solve problems in a fair and client focused manner keeping program deliverables, timelines and the bigger picture always at the forefront of her priorities.

In her current role, Erin  coaches, mentors and leads a diverse team strategically chosen for their training, experience, skill and inclusive attitude allowing them to take ownership over their roles and guide clients to greater employment success while ensuring overall short and long term business planning and budgeting initiatives are met or exceeded and reported on in a timely manner. Erin is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the client service function at Prospect, including client intake, funding applications, service planning, client behavior support, and communications with stakeholders.

Erin’s education is in Sociology at both Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary.